Jordan and Tatiana

jord tatThey have been partners since 2000, and are 13-Time US Open Champions, Multi Grand National Champions, and the most celebrated couple in West Coast Swing. Their TV and movie appearances include 30 Seconds to Fame, Star Search, Good Morning America, The Polar Express, Love N’ Dancing, CMT Video Awards and LeAnn Rimes Swingin Video. They travel 47 weekends per year teaching and performing all over the world.

Maxence and Virginie

max-niniMaxence Martin is the only french dancer who reached the West Coast Swing Champion title.

Ex-Champion of judo and black belt, he started his dance carrier in Lindy-Hop. Quickly falling in love with WCS, he started his training in 2007 with the Greatests in California. He reached Champions level in less than a year. Involved in the West Coast Swing community and travelling all over the world to share his knowlegde and his passion for this dance, he was recently rewarded with Award of the Best International Dancer at the Westie Awards Nominations ceremony of 2011. He showed his 2 first routines at the US Open with his famous partner Kelese Key (Texas).
Maxence is one of the most talented, appreciated and kind dancers of his generation.

Virginie Grondin is one of the best West Coast Swing dancers in Europe right now, and she is progressively proving herself in the United States. In particular, she won the UK Open and the Midland Swing Open in 2010. She placed in the Champions division at three of the biggest american events : Boogie By the Bay (San Francisco), MadJam (Washington) and Swing Diego (San Diego).
Virginie began her dance training when she was only five years old. Beginning with the rock’n'roll and the Boogie, she moved to individual dances, like modern jazz, classical and contemporary dance. She studied in the National Superior Dance Conservatory and succeeded in the technical final examination. She discovered West Coast Swing in 2007, she’s growing very quickly in the community, thanks to her previous training and her natural talent for this dance.

Maxence and Virginie started a great partnership in 2012 between the two best french WCS dancers. They made finals in the huge Classic division in Swing Diego this year.

Ben  and Jeniffer

ben jenBoth a Champion Lindy Hopper and a Champion West Coast Swing Dancer Ben Morris began swing dancing at the age of 12.

He is now a 2 time World Swing Dance Champion, 3 time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, Spirit of Lindy Hop award winner, a California Swing Dance Hall of Fame award winner, and a featured dancer in the movie Love N’ Dancing and the Leann Rimes Music Video “Swingin.”
He currently lives in Orange, California, but travels all over the United States and the world, to teach, compete, judge, and perform. He’s known for his fun dance style, infectious personality, and enjoyable workshops.
Jennifer began dancing at the age of five in ballet and jazz under the Royal Academy syllabus. She continued until the age of 13 when she was invited to join a college level ballroom dance team, competing and performing throughout Florida. She began learning and competing in West Coast Swing at the age of 15 – winning first place at her first national competition in the Intermediate level. Shortly thereafter, she was selected to perform as a featured dancer in the short film, “The Marionette.”
After completing her studies, Jennifer started her own company, Floor On Fire, Inc. in Orlando at the age of 21.
Jennifer is currently performing, teaching and judging on the West Coast Swing circuit. She has placed second nationally with NASDE (National Association of Swing Dance Events) in 2007 and 2008. Jennifer also enjoys choreographing routines, teaching private lessons and workshops both domestically and abroad

Paul and Cat

paul catCatriona Wiles has studied dance all her life. She began with Ballet aged 3, and moved on to gain experience in a range of partner dances including Salsa, Ballroom, Latin, Modern Jive and most recently, Argentine Tango. Her involvement in the Country Couples Dance scene led to taking the titles of British Champion with Lee Easton (1999), and Pro Am Spotlight World Champion (2000) with a medley of Cha Cha, Nightclub 2-Step and West Coast Swing. She went on to earn qualifications to both Judge and teach dance professionally (ISTD).Catriona discovered WCS whilst living in the USA, winning the Swing Fling Cabaret Division (2002) with 4-time US Open Swing Champ, Robert Royston and wife, Nicola, dancing a swing number called “Trois” from the acclaimed off-Broadway show, “Swango – The Fusion” (Swing and Tango). In 2005, she re-joined in partnership with Lee Easton, winning a string of Division 1 Classic titles before ultimately taking the title of Open 8-Dance Professional Country Dance World Champions (2007).

Paul Warden is widely regarded as one of top West Coast Swing professionals in Europe. He began his dance career at age 19, competing in Line & Country Couples Dance. He was unbeaten in Line Dance, (2000-2004) in the UK, Europe and the USA, ultimately going on to earn two World Championship titles before retiring from this discipline. He discovered WCS whilst competing in the States and immediately developed a passion for it. He has embarked upon tuition from a range of top WCS professionals, the likes of Jordan Frisbee, Robert Royston, Robert Cordoba and Kyle Redd. Paul has been teaching competing and performing WCS all over the world from Australia to Canada for the better part of 10 years and was the original, currently recognisable teacher in the UK community. His teaching methodology and dance style can be seen all over the community, showing his impact and influence to this amazing dance style. Paul is renowned for his relaxed style and friendly atmosphere in his workshops but also has the depth of knowledge and understanding to challenge any student. Paul’s success speaks for itself on the dance floor. Having entered his first WCS competition in October 2006, he became only the second person from outside the USA and Canada to be invited to dance in the Invitational Division.

Together, Paul & Catriona have enjoyed massive competitive success, seeing their graduation from Intermediate level where they began as teachers to Allstars/Champions level in only one year!
Paul & Catriona have taken the UK social dance scene by storm and are now successfully running multiple weekly classes, courses, monthly workshops and private lessons in and around London and the UK under the umbrella of Catriona’s company, West Coast Swing UK, and appearing at dance events globally. They love the musicality, freedom and intricate footwork which comprise West Coast Swing. Their workshops thoroughly cover all the basics needed to get people onto the social floor, along with dynamic patterns and emphasis on creative style and flair!

Michael Kielbasa and Irina Puzanova


Michael has been training and teaching for the past 10 years in most styles of Partner Dancing. He lives in San Diego and teaches out of Starlight Dance Studio.  As one of the top Champion West Coast Swing Professionals Michael has been traveling, teaching and performing all throughout the United States and the World in countries like Canada, France, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia. He is known for his Instruction, Choreography, unique Style and Approach. Michael is dedicated to the growth of all dance and its recognition as a sport and exciting social activity for everyone to enjoy.


Irina has beeb dancing since she was 7, doing ballroom dancing (in her childhood), belly dance, jazz, Hustle, Discofox, Salsa, Bachata, WCS, well, any social dance. Began working on her West Coast Swing in 2010, learned from the best, started competing successfully, and now she is the first and the only dancer in Russia to reach All Star skill level in WCS (according to WSDC). US Open 2012 champion, numerously won and placed in all kinds of WCS competitions in Europe and the States. Winner of the first European All Star division at Midland Swing Open. Winner of the Rising Star division in Summer Hummer 2013 and Desert City 2013 in All Star division. Owns and manages her own Dance school in Saint-Petersburg. Recognized Discofox and West Coast Swing Instructor.

Lee Easton and Fabienne Henshall

shapeimage_2Lee & Fab live and work together in Enfield, N.London. Have been dancing together for 5 years and both started at a young age in dancing.
They both have a wide background dancing in many different styles but WCS is where they feel they can utilise all their skills in one place.
Previously in their careers they have won 15 World Championship Titles and more recently have been finalists at the US Open Swing Dance Championships in 2010, 2011 & 2012.
They Teach, Perform, Judge, Choreograph, Coach, Emcee, DJ and help develop WCS throughout the world.

Jang Widler and Ahlam Bouabdallah

jang-ahlamJang started out in international conventions and is the first to develop WCS in Geneva where he teaches since 2008. While living in the States for nearly a year he was lucky to perfect his technique and polish his teaching. There he participated in numerous competitions in which he met with real success and which allowed him to accede to the “Advanced” division today. He now teaches in Switzerland, Europe and the USA.
​​It is while working closely with some of the best teachers in the world, such as Brandy Tobias, Michael Kiehm, Michael Kielbasa, Dawn Kiehm etc that Jang has developed his own technique and vision of teaching. Stemming from martial arts and former salsa champion, his particular approach appeals by its precision, its evidence and efficiency.
Dance teacher since 2000 in Geneva (Switzerland)​,​​​​ international teacher in Switzerland, France, Germany, Ukraine, USA, etc…,  Master instructor WCS certified ​​PDIA​​ (Instructor highest level of the instructor association created par Michael and Dawne Kiehm, CA, USA)​​, Instructor for wcs teachers (From Geneva, Lausanne, Toulouse, Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Freiburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Bern, Zurich, Lausanne etc…)​,  ​Funder of Salsa Virus Dance Studio (2003) in Geneva,  Competitor in “Advanced” division (World Swing Dance Council).

Cuban and portorican salsa teacher for many years, Ahlam is two times Geneva champion in cuban salsa. With her amazing gift and background, she became in 3 years a very good wcs dancer and teacher.
Recognized for her funky style and her amazing groove, she made many differents finals in internationals competitions in France and USA in novice and Intermediate division. She recently won the “Intermediate Jack&Jill” at the Budafest 2013 in Hungary.​
Today, she is teaching wcs in private lessons and workshops in Geneva and France.​

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