BudaFest 2013


Dear Dancer-friend,

When we organise BudaFest, we keep a few things in mind, that makes our event a wonderful, but an affordable-unforgettable experience:

Teachers. Jordan – Tat, Benji – Torri, Maxence – Virginie. Needless to say more.

Workshops. We believe, that personal development as a dancer is an important part of an event with workshops. That everyone, after the weekend can look back and say: yes, I learnt something new, that I can really use. We will have 6 different levels with level auditions, where you can find a level tailored to your needs. You can also take double workshops for a small extra fee, that allows for 11 hours of workshops in 3 days…

Affordable. If you think of an event as a package, accommodation & food is a large chunk.

We recommend 2 options:

  • 3-star hotel in a 4-bed room: /night/person with breakfast on the event venue.
  • 4-star hotel in a 2-bed room: /night/person with breakfast with free 15 mins transport to the event with buses.

Competitions. Yes, WSDC points for Jack & Jill.

Friendly & International. Even our MC does not speak Hungarian, Catriona Wiles promised to speak slow and understandable English… :)

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