Dining at the event hotel:

The event hotel is the 5-star Hotel InterContinental, that takes the quality of dining very seriously, they always keep it on 5-star level. Cutting a deal with them was not easy, but this year, they really tried their best:
Purchase half board on a great value!
American buffet breakfast with lunch or dinner only for 27 EUR.
(breakfast alone would be 22 EUR)
You can book / change your meal reservation on the hotel booking link.
Reserve your meal requirements till 6th of January, 2018 in order to secure your meals!

Dining on the Europa ship:

Very good quality on great price:
5 EUR Hot Buffet Breakfast
8 EUR Dinner (soup of choice, main course of choice, fruit, dessert)
8 EUR Lunch (soup of choice, main course of choice, fruit, dessert)
There is always vegetarian option!
To book your meal, you need to purchase meal tickets at the event reception.
You can book in advance on the link available later: booking link to be published later