Transfer to the hotel via cheap direct bus

There is a recently launched new cheap direct bus line from the Airport to very near to the event Hotel InterContinental.


  1. Click here to access the trip planner application! Switch to EN language if needed.
  2. In the Trip Planner column on the left side change departure place „A” if you are NOT coming from the airport. In case you are coming from the airport, leave it as it is!
  3. Click on the „Start now” button and select „Departure time” (unless you are just about to start your trip, in which case you can leave it as it is and jump to point 5)
  4. Set the date and time when you wish to start your trip from your departure place A.
  5. By clicking the „Planning option” button you can set the maximum distance you are willing to walk, and you can select from Fastest route, Least transfers or Least Walking (most probably each different selection will give you a different route, so you might want to see each of them before choosing the one that best fits your needs!)
  6. Click „Plan” and you will get a few options. You can see the details below the options by clicking on them, and you can also see the route of the selected option on the map.
  7. Buy tickets!
  8. Find the bus stop (metro station, tram stop, etc), get on and see you at BudaFest!



The airport transfer bus Nr 100E has a special fare, a single ticket costs 900,- HUF  (=3 EUR). No other ticket types are accepted on this line! The “Airport shuttle bus single ticket” is available at all BKK customer service centres, ticket offices and ticket vending machines.

For any other kind of public transportation a single ticket costs 350,- HUF, and you have to validate a new one for each vehicle you take.

You can buy tickets with cash or bank card from Vending Machines all over the city, in the Public Transport Customer Service Centers, and in different small shops that have stickers telling you so. Click here for a map of these places.

You can also buy tickets from the driver on the buses for 450,- HUF, but you have to have the exact amount in cash.

At the AIRPORT you can buy tickets

  • in the Post Office that is on the gallery level of Terminal 2A
  • in the Customer Service Points of BKK Centre of Budapest Transport on Terminal 2A (every day 8:00-22:00) and on Terminal 2B (every day 8:00-21:00)
  • in Relay stores
  • at the Tourist Information – Budapestinfo Points (here you can also buy Budapest Cards (click for more info) for 24, 48 or 72 hours in case you also want to see the city, not only just dance all weekend long)
  • from Vending Machines in the bus stop


Shuttle / Taxi

If you find the pubic transport option too difficult or do not feel like walking a few minutes,
we have the usual transfer service – prices below:

 capacity  car type  price total  per person
 1-3  car  € 22  from € 7,3
 4-6  minibus  € 32  from €5,3
 7-8  minibus  € 35  from €4,4
 9-19  sprinter  €95  from €5
 20-34  bus  €135  from €4
 35-49  bus  €175  from €3,6

If you wish to book a taxi to the hotel and/or back to the airport, please fill in the details in the link below and reserve a place in a shuttle!
We will try to find dancers to share your taxi with.
We will not make you wait for others for more than 30 minutes.
In case you only need a one way transfer, please leave the other date and time blank!
Registration form: click here
You won’t receive a confirmation e-mail, but you can check your registration on the link below.

This is just the list of the registrations, not the list of the shuttles:
click here

This is the current shuttle list – click here – subject to change.

A driver holding a sign with BudaFest logo will wait for you at the arrivals gate. If you don’t see him, please wait there, don’t try to find him somewhere else!
After finding each other, just tell him your name.

Registration will stay open till 8th of January.
The final shuttles list will be posted on the FB event page on 9th of January.
In case you wish to change or have a question regarding your transfer, please write an e-mail to