Level 1

Not available!

You are a real beginner in West Coast Swing, but you are a dancer / teacher of another dance. You will get introduced to this dance on an accelerated tempo designed for dancers. By the end of the workshop, you should have no problem social dancing and fully understanding the basics and fundamentals of WCS.

Level 2

You know the basics of West Coast Swing, but you still don’t feel confident when social dancing. In addition to improve your basics, you want to learn the West Coast Swing fundamentals and to be able to dance with any partner

Level 3

You are not afraid of any tempos. You can social dance with partners of different levels (beginners to advanced) without any problem. Your interest is in trying to find your own style, as well as to start being more musical, not only using the beat of the music, but every of its accents; You want to learn new variations, as well as new moves.

Level 4

You don’t have anymore problem with your basics, you know the WCS fundamentals, footwork variations and various more complex patterns. You are comfortable social dancing with any partner. You don’t hesitate to dance on fast tempos, but probably have sometimes connection problems. You also want to improve your style.

Level 5

Invitational level – anyone on WSDC Intermediate and above can enter this level automaticially.

Those with lower WSDC level can join this group only via audition. Audition will be carried out by those already in this level – thus your future groupmates will have to agree to work with you.

Level 6 – All-star level

This level is restricted to WSDC All-Star division.